4 Cheap Awesome Places to Travel

That everincreasing desire to travel may be difficult for your budgetbut world has many places where you will get more bang for your money. From Laos to Cambodia, here are 5 awesome you can visit without leaving a hole in your pocket:

1. Laos

Laos is an unexepcted exciting spot in Asia, which has rich culture. People, who are on a shoestring budget, can and should travel to Laos because there its possible to find accomodation less than $ 10. And with wide choise of street food that goes for about a dollar in plenty. Spending here from $20 to $30 per day is possible.

2. Central America

Visiting Central America, for example Guatemala, is opposed to Panama or Costa Rica, but it definately will work out cheaper. You can visit , mountains, beaches, rainforests and ancient ruinsas without spending a lot of money. Also here you will easily get a room for about $20 per night and find meals for a few dollars. You can survive with as little as $35 a day.

3. Greece

Greece is another  quite cheap travel destination. For budget travelers here is also a posibility of lodging about $ 10 a night. But the most great thing in Greece is delicious food  for about $2 to $ 3 a meal, which you can try on the street.

4. India

India is a great country, where you can travel and experience the rich culture if you are on a budget. You can get rooms ranging in price from luxury to comfort level. Food is also cheap and tasty in India. Travel cheaply around India for about $20 to about $35 a day.

When traveling on a shoestring budget, keep in mind the these points:

•  Always travel in the offpeak time of the year. You can save 50% off accommodation and air flight costs
•  Look for good exchange rates on the dollar. This might help you decide which places to travel to
•  Invest in travel passes to get around cheaply
•  Try camping. Not only is it the cheapest form of accommodation, but it’s also a great way to enjoy nature.
•  Look for discounted travel packages
•  Stay clear of expensive tourist spots
•  Where possible use your credit card. The exchange rate is better


Admittedly, International travel provides its own unique environmental cues and set of circumstance that sets off personal growth in a manner domestic travel does not always achieve. Safe Travels!