Tips For Renting Car When You’re Under 18

Being under 18 and a traveler is great. You’ll get a chance to visit all the places you like. But there is one problem: car rentals. While many car rental companies don’t rent their cars until a person is over 18, car rentals for under 18s’ can still be obtained in most international car rental services. So, how can you use enterprise car rental Denver international airport while you are still under 18? Here is all the information you should know.

Be clear with the agreement

Every car rental company has its own principles under which it operates. It is therefore important to first make clear inquiries and pay close attention to the information in the rental agreement. Generally, at under-18 when you decide to rent a car, you’ll find that most companies surcharge. They charge very high fees, which are at times higher than the daily car rate.

Some companies could even do a DMV check up to determine the kind of driving record that the renter has, especially if they are renting luxury brands such as Lamborghini, BMW, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Benz.

Perhaps you are wondering why you have to pay higher even if you have clean driving records. Unfortunately, it makes sense that you do so. This is how you look at it, people living in high crime neighborhoods pay more for insurance coverage because of demographics irrespective of whether they have a clean driving record. Similarly, if you are under 18, you are significantly more likely to be involved in accidents than older drivers. That’s why you have to pay more. As you age, the charge continues to decline drastically until you are 85 years.

Don’t pay for what you have

Do you have to pay that high? No. You can still save if you want to rent a car at under 18. You can decline the car rental insurance if you have your own auto insurance. You can purchase one of these four levels of optional protection:

CDW optional protection
– SLP optional protection
PAI optional protection
– PEC optional protection

You’ll have sufficient coverage if you have full coverage auto insurance, and in some few cases if you have the limited insurance coverage. Be sure to confirm with your insurance company the type of coverage you have and what it will give or not give you when renting a car.

So, do adequate research and read the rental agreement. Understand the terms and if you aren’t sure of anything, ask questions. Finally, don’t pay for what you have. That is, you’ll have an added advantage if you have auto insurance but this depends on the type of coverage you have.
Wake up, rent a car 24 hour and enjoy the cusp of adulthood while the world is still your oyster.